Student Activities

Students Co-curricular Activities Scheme

Mahatma Education Society has earmarked Rs. Ten Lakhs exclusively for students activities such as B.E./M.E. Projects, Inter-collegiate Project competitions at University Level, participations organized by IITs and professional bodies, competitions at National or International Level-SAE Formulae, etc. The college will be providing funds for above mentioned activities on a case by case basis. A committee has been constituted to evaluate the detailed project report of various group of students and recommend the grant appropriately.

Student Council

A student council is brought together to act as moderator between the students of all departments. The council looks after the needs and requirements of students and adumbrate the same to faculty advisors. read more…


The five day festival had events ranging from dance and musical competitions to treasure hunts, fashion shows and sports. Monika Dogra, Shibani Dandekar, Rochelle Rao, Luke Kenny, Tanuj Virwani, dancers Gaurav and Chandni, cinematographer KU Mohanan, French freestyle footballer Liza Zimouche, Colombian dane group Anjali, World Champion Dance Group Kings United and super model Arthi Venkatesh were part of it. One of the highlights of the festival was when Govinda came to the Pillai campus to promote his movie ‘Aa Gaya Hero’. The final two days of Alegria saw DJs from across the world – Lost Stories, Nucleya, Teri Miko and Quintino – performing at the main stage area for crowds of more than 10,000 people. read more…

Hyperion Racing

The Hyperion Racing team consists of highly motivated students committed to designing and creating a racing car to participate in Formula Students Germany and Formula Bharat events. The students learn to balance their study load along with making time for this challenging extracurricular activity. The students in this team come from different disciplines of engineering and majors, allowing for more diverse thoughts and ideas. This is the fourth year since the students from our college have been actively involved in making and improvising of their cars. They get to learn automotive software, management skills, project scheduling, production process etc. by being in the team, which helps them to grow professionally and makes them suitable for employment.

Vanguard Racing Team

Another team-the Vanguard racing is also enthusiastic about designing, assembling, testing and racing an off-road vehicle in reputed competitions worldwide. This year the team stood fifth at the BAJA-SAE intercollegiate design competition held at South Africa. At Vanguard Racing students learn to put theory into practice experiencing real life situations and solving them. Being a small team create challenges and allows for more opportunities for each team member to learn and gain valuable experience.

S.P.A.R.K. (Solar Powered Automotive Regen Kartz)

S.P.A.R.K. is a team of 24 undergraduate students who have designed and built a three wheeler solar car. They participated in Asia’s largest solar vehicle challenge – an electrical solar vehicle championship organised by the Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers. The team has prepared their own solar panels making the car much lighter in weight which makes it very efficient. The team is also planning to commercialise the car with further development and research in the coming years. Email :

Smart India Hackathon 2017

Smart India Hackathon 2017 was the biggest Hackathon in the world till date. On 1st and 2nd April approx. 10,000 participants coded non-stop for 36 hrs for building tools which our nation might be able to use. In order to engage the youth in coming up with digital solutions to common problems, the All India Council for Technical Education under the aegis of MHRD launched this hackathon. The primary objective of this Smart India Hackathon-2017 initiative is to create a permanent platform to harvest the creativity and energy of the youngsters directly for nation building.Three teams from Pillai College of Engineering were selected for this mega-endeavour.