European Study Tour

European Study Tour 2019

European Study Tour to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam in January 2019

A group of 45 members consisting of students from the various colleges of the Pillai Group of Institutions along with a few faculty members went on an educational tour to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam in January 2019. The tour was led by Dr. Daphne Pillai. In Paris the students visited the Notre Cathedral, Les Invalides, Military Academy, Champ De Mars, Arc De Triomphe, Champ Elysees, Grand Palace, Parliament House and the Orsay Museum. The highlight of Paris was the visit to The Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. The students also attended a session at the acclaimed Leonardo Da Vinci University.

In Brussels the students visited the Train Museum / Auto World (Manufacturing Unit) and the Atomium.

In Amsterdam, the students visited the Royal Coster Diamond Factory (Manufacturing Unit) and the Clog Factory at ‘De Zaanse Schans Wooden Shoe Workshop (Local Manufacturing Unit) & Clog Museum, Windmills at Zaanse Schans, Zaans Museum & Verkade Pavilion. The highlight of Amsterdam was the visit to Heineken Factory (Manufacturing Unit) and Yakult Factory (Manufacturing Unit) for a customised tour and a visit to Madurodam.

It was an enriching and learning experience for the students as they explored foreign cultures and witnessed first hand the myraid influences of history on these world famous cities.

European Study Tour 2018

European Study Tour to Italy in January 2018

A group of 40 members consisting of students from the various colleges of the Pillai Group of Institutions along with a few faculty members went on an educational tour to Italy in January 2018. The tour was led by Dr. Daphne Pillai. The tour covered the cities of Rome, Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Turin and Milan. The tour consisted of industry visits to the Ducati factory, Gelato ice-cream factory, traditional pizza making factory and the Ferrari and Lamborghini museums.

The students also attended a session at the acclaimed School of Management & Economics at Turin.

The students also visited the Colloseum, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum in the city of Rome,Vatican City, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Duoma, Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Vechio in Florence.

European Study Tour 2017

European Study Tour to Spain in February 2017

A group of 45 students from the various colleges of the Pillai group of Institutions along with a few faculty members went on an educational tour to Spain in February 2017. The tour was led by Dr. Daphne Pillai. The tour covered the cities of Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.

The tour consisted of industry visits to the world famous Dannone factory, Chemo factory among others. The students also attended a talk on Entrpreneurship by Prof. Balvinder Powar at the IE University, a top international university in Spain recognized worldwide for its quality in teaching and learning.

The students also visited the City of Arts and Science in Valencia, and some iconic buildings and churches famous for its Gaudi Architecture, the Olympic Stadium,Ramblas Area and the Barceloneta beach.

The students also witnessed a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch one of the world’s greatest football teams, FC Barcelona play live at the Camp Nou Stadium on the 19th of February 2017.

European Study Tour 2016

European Study Tour to Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain in June 2016

Mahatma Education Society’s, Pillai Group of Institutions organized an International Industrial Visit to Europe from 12th to 23rd June, 2016 for its Engineering and Management students. Students from Mechanical, Automobile, Electronics Engineering and Management students visited four countries – Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain. The group of students, 27 in number was accompanied by the Principal, Ms. Nivedita Shreyans – PRO, MES., Mr. Padmakshan P. – Sports Incharge and Ms. Swati Ghosh – Placement Incharge of PiMSR.

During the visit, the students got an opportunity to visit many automobile museums and factories. Prominent among them were the high end automobiles of Ferrari, Lamborghini and the Ducati in Modena / Bologna, Italy. They could get a comprehensive view of the technological development in the field over the last so many decadesup to the latest LaFerrari, the first mild hybrid from Ferrari, providing the highest power output of any Ferrari whilst decreasing fuel consumption by 40 percent; Lamborghini cars including the Miura S and its iconic “eyelashes”, the 350 GT, the Countach S, the Jalpa, the Espada, the Sesto Elemento, the Reventón and the other exclusive supercars. Students also witnessed the fascinating inside view of the production facility step by step of the Ducati bikes.

The students also got an opportunity to stand beside the operator and follow the entire manufacturing and testing of ARDUINO circuit boards at System Elettronica at Strambino, Turin. Arduinois the system of microcontrollers revolutionizing the maker movement and pioneering the concept of openssource hardware in Electronics and is extremely popular with electronics students and enthusiasts. The students could follow the entire production and testing process starting from mass produced copper sheets and leaving identifiably as Arduinos, colored blue and white. They could see the circuit design etched, components mounted with automated pick and place machines in a nearby facility, while the electronic infrastructure is finished by hand, each board tested and then the products packed.

Our next destination was Geneva, Switzerland where we were taken around in a guided tour of the Palais des Nations, the United Nations office at Geneva. It was overwhelming to see

  • The Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room, decorated by famous artist Miquel Barcelo.
  • The Salle des Pas Perdus, from which we could see the Armillary Sphere and the monument commemorating the conquest of outer space.
  • The Assembly Hall, the largest room in the Palais des Nations.
  • The Council Chamber, where many important historical negotiations have taken place, with murals by Jose Maria Sert.
  • Gifts presented by various countries to the United Nations Office at Geneva.
  • During the tour, our tour Guide informed us about the current activities of the United Nations. She also talked about the history of the Palais des Nations, formerly the headquarters of the League of Nations.

The Broken Chair, a monumental sculpture in wood by the Swiss artist Daniel Berset, constructed by the carpenter Louis Geneve left a deep impression in the minds of the students. It symbolises opposition to land-mines and cluster bombs, and acts as a reminder to politicians and others visiting Geneva.

The students could also ascend the Aiguille du Midi, Europe’s highest cable car, and a manmade wonder of the world, for spectacular views of Mont-Blanc.

Our next destination was Tolouse (France) where students were taken to a enthralling world of aeronautics, a guided tour of mock up centre of A 330XWB, A 350 and A 380 Airbus. The entire assembly line of both Airbus 330, and 380 could be seen by the students. The entire tour was conducted under the direct supervision of Mr. Francis Meyselles, International Director, Asia Pacific. This helped us access to areas normally inaccessible to a general visitor. The visit opened a world of knowledge and potential opportunities to all the students.

The final destination of our trip was Barcelona Spain, famous for its football club. The students visited the Camp Nou and the FC, Barcelona museum. The students also visited the Estrella Damm beer factory. In addition to the brewing process, the business and technological arrangements with other breweries were also elaborated. The tour ended with a visit to the Catalunya F1 circuit where students were taken to Formula racing car track. Mr. Albert official from F1 circuit Catalunya explained the students about the event management strategies adopted during the, “The day” event. The group was taken to various strategic locations on the track like the commentary room, the control room during the race, the media interaction room, the winning podium after the race. Students also got a chance to see live bike racing pre-qualifying round. It was a very exciting experience for the students.

The whole tour was highly rewarding technically and intellectually. Students also had lot of fun elements during sightseeing along with the study tour. It was a great combination of practical knowledge based study tour, and also exploration of various countries in the world in Europe.

European Study Tour 2013

European Study Tour to Germany and France in July 2013

Mahatma Education Society’s, Pillai Group of Institutions organized an International Industrial Visit to Europe – Germany and France from 2nd to 10th July, 2013 for its Engineering students. The team included total group of 19 students both from PCE, New Panvel and PHCET, Rasayani was led by Principal, PCE and Mrs. Nivedita Shreyans, PRO, MES.

  • Students at Eiffel Tower, Paris

Our trip to Germany began in Berlin. Without wasting time, we immediately started upon the Berlin City Tour. We spent time at the Victory Coloumn and saw the Berlin Wall etc. From there we travelled to Dresden to visit the Volkswagen factory. This Volkswagen plant is the only one in the world which assembles the Phaeton. The whole building is made wholly of glass to signify transparency of operations. We saw the different stages of the assembly line which consisted of three different circuits. The delivery system to the plant was well built into the existing transportation system of the city. The company used a special fleet of trams to navigate through the city without disturbing the traffic in the city.

We stayed overnight at Dresden and in the morning we travelled to Stuttgart to visit the Mercedes Museum. The museum was interactive and very informative. After spending a few hours there, we travelled to Munich to stay overnight. In the morning, we headed to the BMW museum. Lucky for us, the museum had a special Rolls Royace exhibit on the day we visited. The students especially the ones from the automobile branch enjoyed the few hours we spent there. It was enlightening to learn about the history of BMW and to view generation after generation of cars. The Rolls Royace exhibit was a treat. These cars are some of the most luxurious cars in the world and to be able to see them up close was a pleasure.

In the afternoon, we headed to iSTec, a company where our very own principal, made his mark a few years ago. We were received by one of his colleagues, Mr. Reinhold Sunder. We were taken down for lunch where Mr. Alexander Kolbaseff joined us. They hosted a small and sumptuous German lunch for us. After dining, we headed to the conference room for a small presentation by Mr. Kolbaseff. He told us about the involvements of the company in Security and Diagnostics in Nucleur Energy, Wind Energy and recently, High Speed Trains. After a short history of ICE trains of Germany, he told us about the various ways they monitor the components of the train and how they analyze the data to look for alerts. We ended with a small presentation by Mrs. Nivedita Shreyans about the college and a presentation by one of the students, Priyank Nandu, on India (Big Country, Big Brains). Akash Nair and Utkarsh Mittal gave a small vote of thanks to end our visit.

The next day, we went around the city with a very charismatic guide, John Mountain. He kept the group engaged and informed us about the history and the culture of Berlin. After seeing the chimes at 12 o’clock, we headed for lunch, following which we visited the Dutsches Museum in Berlin, the biggest technical museum in the world. A technical museum spread over a huge area, it boasted of a variety of exhibits in numerous fields. Our very capable guide took us through everything from ships, submarines, aeroplanes, to nanotechnology, OLED’s, space race etc. After a very tiring day, we were happy to reach the train station where we caught an overnight train to Paris.

Tired by the days activities, we finally got on our 10 hour bus journey to Toulouse.

In Toulouse, we had to visit the Airbus Assembly Line. This was perhaps the point of the trip that everyone was looking forward to the most. We were received by Mr. Francis Meyselles, Senior Director of Customer Relations, South East Asia and Japan. We started by viewing the assembly lines of the A320’s and the A380’s. We learnt about the capacity, range and functions of the models. This informative tour was followed by a lavish lunch provided by hour hosts. In a truly fine dining experience, the students were offered a taste of French Cuisine which they will never forget. Stomachs full, energy renewed, we visited the mock up centre, a privilege specially arranged for us by our hosts. The building contained mock ups of all their models and is usually used to give prospective customers a small look into what they are buying. In the same building we also saw a mock up of what Airbus expects the future of Airlines to be. A truly futuristic vision. After exiting the mock up centre, our gracious hosts gave small souveniers to all the students. The students in turn gave a small gift and vote of thanks to Mr. Francis Meseylles.

A short visit to Toulouse University to see their facilities followed. After a small lecture by one of their professors on composites we left the campus to retire to our hotel for the night.

Our first day in Paris was spent at Disneyland. Starting in the morning the whole group had the whole day at Disneyland up till the fireworks show at night, Disney Dreams. Words cannot describe the magic of the Disney parades and shows. After a jam packed trip, this day was a reprieve for the students. The second day was reserved for a city tour around Paris. We started by a visit to one of the Royal Squares, followed by the Louvre Museum, house of the Mona Lisa. Short on time, we quickly rushed to the Eiffel tower where we spent a few hours on the upper platforms and taking pictures. Tired by the days activities, we finally got on our 10 hour bus journey to Toulouse.

This concluded our trip to Europe. I think at the end, all the students feel thankful towards our Principal and Mrs. Nivedita for organizing the trip. Under their guidance, the students were able to undertake a trip which broadened both their minds and their horizons. We look forward to further such endevours organized by the Pillai Group of Institutions. We thank them from our hearts.