Books Published by Faculty members

Dr. D. N. Phadke

The book deals with a comprehensive approach of application of latest information technological tools in library management. It not only covers the computerisation of library functions but also covers use of advanced Internet Technology, Web 2.O, Digital Library Development, Data Mining & Data Warehousing, Security systems, Management of E-Resources, Open Source Technology & Open Access Resources, e-publishing and cloud computing in modernising the libraries. Along with use of these modern techniques in library management. It has also considered future use of advanced technologies like Semantic Web, Big Data, Open Linked Data and use of new cataloguing standards (Library of Congress) like BIB-FRAME.

The book in question would be soon available from the publisher M/S Universal Prakashan Pune and with their distributors in India. Readers may contact the publishers (020-24451780) to reserve their copy in advance.