Shivapradeep Muthupandi

Faculty Name: Shivapradeep Muthupandi
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department


  • M.E. 2016: Pillai College of Engineering in CAD/CAM and Robotics
  • B.E. 2013: Anna University, P. T. Lee College of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering


Computer Aided Machine Drawing

Important Publications

  1. Presented a paper entitled Optimization and Development of Conducting Polymer Battery in International Conference on “Emerging Research trends in Applied Engineering and Technology” (ICERAT 2016) organized by Konkan Gyanpeeth College of Engineering in association with University of Mumbai. ISBN: 978-93-5258-409-3


  1. “Development of conducting Polymer Battery”, The Project is carried out at Pillai College of Engineering

Personal Website and Social Media

Twitter: @mpshiva26