Maheshkumar D. Kudre

Faculty Name: Maheshkumar Dilip Kudre
Faculty of Applied Mathematics Department


  • M.Sc. 1998: Mathematics in University of Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • NET 1998: Eligible for UGC JRFship Mathematical Sciences C.S.I.R. & H.R.D. Group, New Delhi
  • B.Sc. 1996: Mathematics, University of Pune, Maharashtra, India


Engineering Courses:
Applied Mathematics–I (All Branches) (5 times), Applied Mathematics–II (All Branches) (5 times), Applied Mathematics–III (Electronics, Extc, Auto, Mechanical) (5 times), Applied Mathematics–IV (Electronics, EXTC, Mechanical, Computer) (5 times), Discrete Structures (Computer) (5 times), Discrete Structures (Information Technology) (3 times)

Pure and Applied Mathematics Courses:
Algebra (6 times), Linear Algebra (6 times), Discrete Mathematics (1 time), Modern Analysis (5 times), Operations Research (1 time), Complex Analysis (5 times), Lebesgue Integration (1 time), Calculus (1 time), Fundamental Arithmetic and Statistics for Commerce (2 times), Applied Mathematics-V (ETRX) (3 times)

Awards and Recognitions

  • Awarded National Merit Scholarship for five years (11th to T.Y.B.Sc.)
  • Award of Saptarshi Prize for First in F.Y.B.Sc. By Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra