Jagdish S. Kelkar

Faculty Name: Jagdish S. Kelkar
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department
Email: jkelkar@mes.ac.in


  • B.E. 1975: Mechanical Engineering, Govt. College of Engineering, Amravati (Nagpur University)
  • M.E. 2012: CAD/CAM/Robotics, University of Mumbai

Research and Consultancy

  • Development of Teaching Aids (Rounder for black board)
  • Developing and fabrication of sliding white board unit (Working on single, common balancing weight for two boards)


Thermal Engineering, Machine Shop Practice, Engineering Drawing, Environmental Engineering

Important Publications

  1. Maintenance strategies for global competitiveness; National Conference at Ramdeobaba Engineering College, Nagpur 2010; Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering
  2. Compass for whiteboard in PIIT Mechanical Engineering Dept. Journal