Dr. Mahendra D. Khandkar

Faculty Name: Dr. Mahendra Dattatray Khandkar
Faculty of Applied Physics Department
Email: mkhandkar@mes.ac.in


  • Ph.D. 2001: Department of Physics, University of Pune in Physics
  • M.Tech. 1994 : Department of Physics, University of Pune in Atmospheric Physics
  • M.Sc. 1992 : Department of Physics, University of Mumbai in Physics
  • B.Sc. 1990 : Department of Physics, Gogate-Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri,
    (University of Mumbai) in Physics

Research and Consultancy

Area of Research: Computational Statistical and Soft Matter Physics

Post-doctoral research at:

  • Department of Applied Physics, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland (2007-2009)
  • Department of Theoretical Physics, TIFR, Munbai (2003-2005)
  • Molecular Modeling Lab, JNCASR, Bangalore (2001-2002)


Physics, Environmental Studies

Important Publications

  1. M. D. Khandkar, A. V. Limaye and S. B. Ogale, “Shape Effects in Random Sequential Adsorption of Zero-area Angled Objects on a Continuum Substrate” Physical Review Letters, 84, 570, (2000)
  2. R. D. Narhe, M. D. Khandkar, K. P. Adhi, A. V. Limaye, S. R. Sainkar and S. B. Ogale, “Difference in the Dynamic Scaling Behaviour of Droplet Size Distribution for Coalescence under Pulsed and Continuous Vapor Delivery”, Physical Review Letters, 86, 1570, (2001)
  3. M. D. Khandkar and Mustansir Barma, “Orientational correlations and the effect of spatial gradients in the equilibrium steady state of hard rods in two dimensions : A study using deposition-evaporation kinetics”, Physical Review E, 72, 051717 (2005)
  4. Jaeoh Shin, T. Ikonen, M. D. Khandkar, Tapio Ala-Nissila and W. Sung, “Polymer Escape from Metastable Kramers potential: Path Integral Hyperdynamics Study”, Journal of Chemical Physics, 133, 184902 (2010)
  5. Mahendra D. Khandkar, Robin Stinchcombe and Mustansir Barma, “Coarsening and Persistence in one dimensional system of orienting arrowheads : Domain-wall kinetics with A+B –> 0”, Physical Review E, 95, 012147 (2017)

Awards and Recognitions

  • Referee Service to European Physical Journal B
  • Member of Institute of Physics (IOP, London) during 2012-13
  • Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) from CSIR (Govt. of India) (1997 – 2000)
  • UGC (Govt. of India) Fellowship during M.Tech. course (1993-1994 )

Research Projects

  • Research grant approved from University of Mumbai for a research project (2005-06)

Personal Website and Social Media

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