Alumni Achievers

Seven interviews later, a spot in the fast lane.
By the age of 26, Shruti Pal has more international experience under her belt than many workers twice her age.

After studying her Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in her home country of India, she moved to Melbourne to take her masters, including a three-month internship in Germany.

And it was while she was studying in Victoria she heard about Carlton & United Breweries’ Global Management Training Program – a 10-month accelerated program that could help her launch an international career.

“It was a fast-paced career track and that’s what attracted me to apply,” she says.

“It took seven rounds of interviews so it was quite intensive but it was worth it given what was on offer.”

Already through the program Pal’s travelled to St Louis in the US – home of CUB parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev – and had the opportunity to go to South Africa. In the next year, she will compete with grads across the world for a global exchange program.

Pal says the fast-moving consumer goods sector was a natural fit and part of her overall plans for an international career.

“I’d always looked up to Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, and her FMCG career path,” she says. “It was just so good for me to get into FMCG and this is a dream graduate program because it is a global career path.”

Pal particularly enjoys cross-functional projects, where she is able to extend her skills as a mechanical engineer into business areas such as packaging analysis, marketing, innovation and sales.

“I get to use all my analytical and quantitative skills, my creativity and logic in the commercial side of the business,” she says.

“Every zone operates differently, every country operates differently and I just can’t wait for the global doors to open for me.”