B.E. in Mechanical Engineering

First Year
Semester ISemester II
Applied Mathematics - IApplied Mathematics - II
Applied Physics - IApplied Physics - II
Applied Chemistry - IApplied Chemistry - II
Engineering MechanicsCommunication Skills
Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engg.Engineering Drawing
Environmental StudiesStructured Programming Approach
Basic Workshop and Practice - II
Second Year
Semester IIISemester IV
Applied Mathematics - IIIApplied Mathematics
Strength of MaterialsTheory of Machines I
Presentation and Communication TechniquesThermal Engineering
Machine DrawingProduction Processes II
Production Process IMaterial Technology
ThermodynamicsIndustrial Electronics
Machine Shop Practice IMachine Shop Practice II
Third Year
Semester VSemester VI
Mechanical Measurements and MetrologyMechatronics
Theory of Machines IIHydraulic Machinery
Fluid MechanicsMechanical Vibrations
Heat and Mass TransferE-commerce and Industrial Finance
Graphics user Interface and Database ManagementInternal Combustion Engines
Machine Design I
Final Year
Semester VIISemester VIII
Machine Design - IIAutomobile Engineering
CAD/CAM/CIM*Finite Element Analysis*
Refrigeration and Air ConditioningIndustrial Engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning
Manufacturing Planning and Control
Elective - IElective - II
Project Stage IProject Stage II
Elective IElective II
Supply Chain Management* - P1Business Process Re engineering* - P1
Cryogenic Engineering* - P2Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning* - P2
Nuclear Technology - I - P3Nuclear Technology - II - P3
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) *Introduction to Nanotechnology*
Power Plant EngineeringNon Conventional Energy Sources
Operations Research*Project Management*
Information Technology for Management of Enterprises*Product Life Cycle Management*
Virtual Reality*Artificial and Machine Intelligence *
Computational Fluid Dynamics*Advanced Turbo machinery*
Industrial Robotics*Mechanical System Design
Piping Engineering
Dynamic System Modeling and Analysis
P1, P2 and P3 are Paired Electives