B.E. in Computer Engineering

First Year
Semester ISemester II
Applied Mathematics - IApplied Mathematics - II
Applied Physics - IApplied Physics - II
Applied Chemistry - IApplied Chemistry - II
Engineering MechanicsCommunication Skills
Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engg.Engineering Drawing
Environmental StudiesStructured Programming Approach
Basic Workshop and Practice - II
Second Year
Semester IIISemester IV
Applied Mathematics - IIIApplied Mathematics - IV
Electronic Devices and Linear CircuitsAnalog and Digital Communication
Discrete Structure and Graph TheoryDatabase Management System
Digital Logic Design and ApplicationsComputer Graphics
Data Structure and FilesAnalysis of Algorithm and Design
Computer Organization and ArchitectureOperating System
Presentation and Communication Techniques
Third Year
Semester VSemester VI
Computer NetworkAdvance Computer Network
Advance Database Management SystemSystem Programming and Compiler Construction
MicroprocessorObject Oriented Software Engineering
Theory of Computer ScienceAdvance Microprocessor
Web EngineeringData Warehouse and Mining
Environmental Studies
Final Year
Semester VIISemester VIII
Digital Signal and Image ProcessingDistributed Computing
Robotics and AIMultimedia System Design
Mobile ComputingSoftware Architecture
System Security
Elective - IElective - II
Project Stage IProject Stage II
Computer Simulation and ModelingHuman Computing Interaction
E-commerceAdvanced Internet Technology
Project ManagementComputer Vision
Soft ComputingEmbedded System