Program Overview

B.E. in Automobile Engineering

Affiliated toDurationAcademic YearIntakeTheory ExamCurriculum
University of Mumbai4 years, Full Time2 semesters each60University of MumbaiSem I - VIII

Research Areas

The Faculty of the Department of Automobile Engineering are experts in numerous disciplines and are involved in following research areas:

  • Thermal Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Stress Analysis
  • Biomaterial
  • Welding Technology

Undergraduate Labs

  • Production Processes
  • Automobile Engg.
  • Engg. Mechanics
  • Material Technology
  • Autotronics
  • Mechanical Engg. Measurements
  • Hydraulic Machinery
  • Thermal Engg. (Internal Combustion Engines)
  • CAD / FEA Lab
  • Vehicle Maintenance

Program Overview

Automobile Engineering, also known as Automotive Engineering, is the study of designing, operating and manufacturing automobiles and their respective subsystems such as buses, cars and trucks.

An Automobile Engineer specializes in designing, testing and developing vehicles and their components from the first concept stages to final production. As the vehicle or product will continue to require constant improvement even after being launched on the market, responding to customer feedback and improving the vehicle is a vital task and duty of an Automobile Engineer.

beautomobileThose who have elected to study Automobile Engineering may progress into a variety of fields and disciplines such as aerodynamics, alternative fuels, chassis, electronics, emissions, ergonomics, manufacturing, materials, motorsport, powertrain, rapid prototyping, vehicle and pedestrian safety or supply chain management. It is the responsibility of an Automobile Engineer to create and maintain high standards of automobiles through the use of traditional methods and state-of-the-art technology.


  • To develop an established institution of Automobile Engineering which will become the center of quality standardisation and academics including research. Students will be nurtured to become innovative and versatile through world class technology, high quality teaching, ongoing research activities and ample opportunity to excel.
  • To develop well known delighted quality centre of Automobile Engineering in academics with the world class technology for its realistic curriculum, high quality teaching, research activities and providing ample opportunities to nurture the innovative and versatile elements in the students.


To instruct students of Automobile Engineering in their field’s recent technological developments through the use of world class learning and research facilities. Furthermore, to provide every opportunity to harness the individual enthusiasm, intelligence and innovation of every student to form a team capable of undertaking and complete Automobile Engineering projects.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Every student to develop a sound fundamental knowledge of maths, science and engineering.
  • To prepare students in using modern technology and equipment in order to solve real life Engineering problems.
  • To prepare the student for professional success in both in Indian and multinational organizations and excellence in their postgraduate studies.
  • To develop leadership qualities among students and the team mind set required to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • To provide opportunities to innovative students to develop their skills as researchers and academics through industry sponsored events, practical laboratory experience, training and various courses designed by the department.

Program Outcomes

  • Graduates will be able to work with others of varying backgrounds and disciplines as a team dedicated to achieving time bound set objectives to achieve the business aims of their employing organization.
  • Graduates will have sufficient potential and training to analyse and solve engineering problems faced in the development and design of many automobile systems and sub-systems through the use of their mathematical and scientific knowledge.
  • Sufficient expertise in design and selection of vehicles will be imparted among students for different purpose as found necessary for corporate and societal needs.
  • Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design a Automobile or Thermal system or a process that meets desired specifications and requirements of automotive components.
  • Graduates will demonstrate the ability to function on engineering and science laboratory teams, as well as on multidisciplinary design teams.
  • Graduates will be familiar with modern engineering software tools and equipment to analyse automotive engineering problems.
  • Graduates will have the confidence to apply engineering solutions in global and societal contexts.
  • Graduates will be able to deal with research based complex engineering problems leading to a career in Research and Development, Industry and Teaching.
  • Graduates will be familiar with modern engineering software tools and equipment to analyse automobile engineering problems.
  • Graduates should demonstrate an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • Graduates will have exposure to various elective subjects such as Automotive Embedded systems, NVH.